Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hive Check

I hadn’t checked on the hive for a few weeks so I opened it up this morning.  Three weeks ago, the upper frames were not completely filled with comb and little activity was noted.  Today all of the frames on the upper hive body were fully built out with comb and many were filled with honey - about 1/3 were capped.  It was way passed the time to add another hive body so I added a queen excluder and medium super.

The extra weight shown on the chart is that of the added medium super with ten plastic frames and no comb.

An experiment: I could hear the bees busily fanning at the hive entrance to increase airflow, so I put a small shin under the top to give more ventilation..  Since this is another more-of-the-same heatwave day, I’ll watch the peak hive temperature.  If the temperature peaks at the same level and one knew the before and after air flow rates, one could calculate the BTUs (Bee Thermal Units).

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