Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday 2018-06-17

Hive was very active yesterday with the majority heading SW over the house.  Hive weight is still rising during the day with a falloff in the evening. and todays temperature is expected to be 88 degrees.  The current (8:00 AM) temperature is 88 degrees. Tomorrow's weather will be intermittent clouds with 71/81 temperatures.   

Yesterday, the hive temperature flattened in the afternoon.  Thinking the bees may have started to cool the hive in the afternoon,  this morning I opened the vent under the screened bottom (304  to see if it has an effect on the afternoon temperature.  Of course the 62 +/- deg low temperatures last over a longer period and may cause the hive to go into heat mode so I'll watch the nighttime temperature.  

Hive temperature sensor needs its calibration checked but I will wait a few days .  Scale's 0 has yet to be checked but its weight deltas are correct.  Still running the latest software (0.8.0 rc5) 

Camera removed yesterday for charge. May try to switch to powered one this afternoon.   

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