Thursday, November 1, 2018

Logging Starts Here

From this point in time onward, we will be adding contemporaneous notes documenting the activities of the bees as well as our actions as beekeepers.   Do not EVER consider these notes to be activities that we recommend be copied by others.   We are not beekeeper experts.  You will not find  YouTube videos on the Internet where we pontificate on how one should be doing something.  This blog is an internal documentation of the activities of my son and I around one single beehive and the associated data being collected from a small data acquisition system.  Our intent is to use the recorded data to help us better understand our bee’s activities but more importantly, provide clues when something is wrong and intervention needed.

There is some obsurdity in our situation.  Beekeepers may have hundreds of hives and for the most part are left to survive on their own.  We are the ‘helicopter parents’ of beekeepers having one sole child.  You are welcome to observe and definitely welcome to comment on anything you see here.  I would ask that you not use bees as a proxy for current political events.  It would be a huge disrespect to bees.


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